I sometimes feel the "survivor guilt" and don't know how to interact with people who are not doing as well as I am.

Remember, we are all there because at some point we were all affected by cancer. Each person has their own unique cancer experience, regardless of the outcome. Cancer is still crappy no matter how well you are doing and the people around you at the OMG! Summit all know that. Instead of focusing on how they are doing, focus on the person for more than their cancer. It is amazing what you can see past the cancer title. ~ Erica M.

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    Nikhil Autar

    I went through survivor's guilt. It took a while but I realised I pushed myself into depression over it. But I talked to someone about it - my parents - and just that one act alone was enough to make me see that in the end the best way to honour their life is to let them live through me and to make mine more worthwhile, and that by hurting myself for something I couldn't help, I was accomplishing nothing but my own pain. Dealing with loss is never easy... I hope this helps you get past it.

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